Musculoskeletal system

During 02/01 – 30/11/2015

This package is suitable for clients who no longer are eligible for health insurance coverage of their spa treatments.

Our healthcare package is designed to prevent or partially treat already ongoing musculoskeletal disorders. The treatments are intensive and focus on the individual issues of each client. Our programme concentrates on the effective treatment of the joints and spine with elements of modern rehabilitation techniques and a combination of selected treatments. One of the natural resources we use for treatment includes peat, suitable for the preparation of top-quality body wrap compounds.

The therapeutic package includes:

  • Accommodations in a 3-star room with private bathroom, TV
  • All-day standard diet, served menu, low-calorie option available
  • initial examination and physician interview
  • individual therapeutic/rehabilitation plan: individual therapeutic exercise, Nordic Walking, group exercise – back class, concept by Dr. Smíšek, classic massage, hydrotherapy in the pool, whole-body, treading, and hand and foot baths, peat wrap, electrotherapy, hydration therapy. The composition and number of treatments are determined by the physician based on the current health status of the client.

Therapeutic package for 9 nights:

  • CZK 11,900 / person in a single-occupancy room
  • CZK 11,300 / person in a double-occupancy room

Therapeutic package for 13 nights:

  • CZK 15,950 / person in a single-occupancy room
  • CZK 15,150 / person in a double-occupancy room

The following fees are not included in the package price: spa fee CZK 15 / person / night, parking CZK 50 / night.